Data Types & Delimiters

Data Types & Delimiters
The Data Types & Delimiters page allows selecting the data type (integer, text, url, etc) and delimiters of table fields.

Available Tables

The Available Tables list shows all the tables that can be used from the data file.  When you select a table the fields list below will be updated to show the fields for that table.  You can then configure the properties of each field.

Field Properties

The Field Properties table lets you select the Data Type and Delimiter for each field.
Available data types include:
Integer: A number; integers will be sorted numerically in tables
Text: A non-numeric text string; these will be compared alphabetically
Boolean: A true or false value
Decimal: A number with a decimal point
Date: When date is selected a popup will come up asking for the date format
URL: URLs will be displayed as clickable hyperlinks in the Info Panel, and added to the Launch menu.
Image: An image is a URL, a local path (c:\directory\image.jpg), or a path relative to the file being opened.  If the user is opening a "c:\directory\data_file.xls" file, then specifying the image value as "subdirectory\image.jpg" will have the application look in the "c:\directory\subdirectory\image.jpg" folder.
Delimiters indicate that a field contains multiple values in one cell. 
  • The delimiter can have one or more characters
  • Spaces before and after the delimiter will be removed from the delimited values
  • Only Entity Ids and Relation Src/Dst ids are affected by delimiters.  Fields that become attributes ignore delimiters for now.

Save / Ok / Cancel

  • Save Project: Saves the latest changes in the Project
  • Ok: Returns back to the Wizard Main Menu
  • Cancel: Disabled for now, the only way to undo changes is to press Ok to return to the Menu page and then press Cancel on the main Loading Wizard window.
  • Help: Takes you to this page of the help manual