Add Filter Dialog


Add Multiple Value Filter


Add Threshold Filter

Add Filter Dialog
The Add Filter Dialog is displayed when you press the add button on the Filter - Attribute Filters setting panel.  This dialog has the following four components:

Entity / Relation

The entity type / relation type (node type / edge type) that is being filtered.

Attribute / Relation

The attribute of the entity / relation the value of which must pass the filter condition.  Entities can be filtered by relation as well as attribute. 


Condition can be MIN, MAX, INCLUDE or EXCLUDE:
  • Include / Exclude: The include / exclude condition defines the filter to be a multiple value filter.  That means that we can choose individual attribute values which should be included / excluded (filtered out of) the graph. 
  • Min / Max: These options are only available when a numeric attribute is selected.  Selecting min / max defines the filter to be a threshold filter. Only entities / relations whose attribute value equal to or greater / less than the min / max condition will pass the filter and be included in the graph.


Include / Exclude:
  • The value column will show a table with a list of attribute values and adjacent checkboxes.
  • The values shown in the table are a union of all possible values for the selected entity/relation type and attribute. 
  • If for the "Attribute / Relation" control we select a relation, the values shown will be the labels for all entities as the other endpoint of the relation from the entity type in the first column.
  • Checking a row in the value table indicates that entities / relations that have the associated value for the specified attribute should be included / excluded.
Min / Max:
  • The value column will show a number spinner.
  • The values of the entity / relation attribute will be compared against the spinner value.
  • For decimal point values you can enter a number such as 23.456

Ok / Cancel

Ok: Add the filter and close the dialog.  The filter will only be applied after Ok is pressed.
Cancel: Close the dialog without adding the filter.