The Settings Menu brings up the settings dialog which lets you configure the graph appearance, filter settings, and other Navigator functionality. 
Once you have finished editing settings, you can save your configuration using the File->Save Project menu.
Show Dialog: Shows the settings dialog with the Filter - Inclusion panel displayed.  Selecting any of the options below will show the settings dialog as well.


Types/AttributesConfigure the displayed names of Entity Types , Relation Types, and Attributes that appear throughout the application. 
Entity Labels: By default entities are referred throughout the application by their id. This setting panel allows you choose a different attribute (such as "name") by which the entity will be referred to.


Inclusion: Control which node types and edge types will be displayed in the Graph.
Attribute Filters: Allows for fine grained control of threshold values which determine which nodes and edges are displayed in the graph.  It can also be used to individually select which nodes should be included and excluded.

Node Appearance

Colors: Control the background and halo color for Nodes.
Halo Size/Shape: Control the size and shape of halos surrounding nodes.
Label / Image: Control the appearance of node labels such as font size and color.  Choose if an image should be displayed and how text should be positioned around the image.
Node Tags: Control the icon and text tags that can appear in the upper right hand corner of nodes.

Edge Appearance

Colors: Control how edges are colored.
Width / Pattern: Control how the width of edges is calculated, and choose what the pattern on the edge should be.
Tags / Arrows: Control the number tags and arrows that can be shown in the middle of edges.

Graph Layout

Graph Layout: Control the graph layout algorithm.