Edge Appearance - Width / Pattern

Edge - Width / Pattern
The Node Appearance - Edge Width / Pattern setting panel controls the width and pattern of edges as well as their visibility.

Edge Type

The first column shows the edge type which the controls in that row apply to.
  • Selecting an edge in the graph or the tables while the setting dialog is visible will select the associated row in this table.

Width Attribute

  • A numerical attribute loaded from the data, whose value type was specified as integer or decimal.
  • A dynamic attribute which usually have numeric values.
  • Constant:  Indicates that all edges should have the same width rather than being proportional to a particular attribute.


The multiplier value is applied to the width attribute to establish the width of the edge.
The multiplier slider is proportional to an exponent of the multiplier value.  Moving the slider left to right changes the multiplier value from 0.001 to 0.1 to 10 to 1,000


By default edge bodies are solid, but you can use this dropdown to make them dashed or dotted.
  • Future versions will allow the edge pattern to be changed based on attribute value.

Show Edge

The show edge setting controls how the edge is painted in the graph.
  • When show edge is checked, the edge is always visible
  • When show edge is un-checked, the edge is only visible when the mouse is over an endpoint of the edge.
  • The Show Edge setting is different from the inclusion setting; hidden edges are simply not displayed, but are still part of the graph and affect the graph layout.